Overnight Rafting Trips

We offer a variety of overnight trips sure to fit everyones comfort level and ability.

We have intermediate overnight trips on Browns Canyon and Bighorn Sheep Canyon. Advanced overnights on The Numbers and on the Royal Gorge.

Whether you prefer sleeping under the stars at the rivers edge,
a tent, a cabin, or the amenities of a bed and breakfast, we’ve got you covered.


Browns Canyon Overnight

Two amazing days on the river, one magical night of camping down in Browns Canyon National Monument.

Bighorn Sheep Canyon Overnight

Two days floating and splashing your way down Bighorn Sheep Canyon.
Tent camping or Cabins available.


The Numbers Overnight

Two days of rafting and camping in the high country along the river. You won't believe the skies at night.

Royal Gorge Overnight

Day one raft the Bighorn Canyon. Camp along the river in a tent or cabin. Raft the Royal Gorge day two.