Documentary: The Arkansas River from Leadville to Lamar

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A recently released documentary entitled “The Arkansas River from Leadville to Lamar” aired on Rocky Mountain PBS last week and is available for viewing on YouTube. Check it out below.

The documentary highlights the importance of the Arkansas river in Colorado for recreation and agriculture, and it’s impacts on communities along its banks and tributaries.

Whitewater rafting and other river sports and activities are a big part of what the Arkansas river means to many people. The Arkansas river is the most commercially rafted river in the state, and the entire country. It contains something for everyone. From float trips, Class III sections like Browns Canyon and Bighorn Sheep Canyon perfect for ages 7 and up, and Class IV-V sections like The Numbers and the Royal Gorge for the adventurous. The river draws an average of 300,000 people to commercially raft it annually. The economic impact of that cannot be understated.

The river is also the longest Gold Medal stretch for trout fishing in the state; at just over 100 miles.

The film was produced and directed by Samuel Ebersole for the Arkansas River Basin Roundtable’s Public Education, Participation and Outreach Committee.