High Water is Here!

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For the next several weeks the Arkansas River will be running at high levels as all the snow begins to melt off the mountains. This could be the best rafting in 20 years! Below are some commonly asked questions about high water, and some things to consider when planning your trip.

What does high water mean? It means many of the rapids jump up in classification, and there are more rapids out there. The river is moving faster, and we extend the length of many of the trips to accommodate this, so you still get a normal amount of time on the river.

Are the intermediate trips still good for kids? Depending on the water level at the time of your trip, we may adjust the section we run to make sure the trip is appropriate for kids on the trip. We also adjust the minimum age on certain sections. If you have kids under 12 we recommend booking for mid-July through Sept. when the river will be back down at a more moderate level.

What happens on the advanced trips? The Numbers and the Royal Gorge come under what is called “High Water Advisement” when the river goes above a certain level. This comes from the State Parks, and no outfitter will violate that recommendation. When this happens, we move the trip to a different section that is still an advanced section, so you get the experience you originally booked. In fact, running these alternative sections can be a special experience since the river isn’t always that high, and many people have said it was their best rafting trip ever.

Should I maybe book later in the season? Our season runs through Sept. 15th. High water this season will probably last until mid-July, with more moderate flows from then until the end of the season. Assess the ages, physical ability, and desired experience of everyone in your group. Book a trip that is appropriate for everyone in your group. If you are looking for high adventure, now is the time to go!

You can always contact us with any questions or concerns. info@monumentalexpeditions.com ~ 719-581-2123