Why Monumental?

Monumental Expeditions Rafting

As you scour the internet to try and find that rafting company that is going to take you and your family or friends down the river, you might have noticed there are a LOT of rafting companies on the Arkansas river headwaters. 47 commercial permits to be exact. There are huge companies, medium sized companies, and then there are the few small companies, like Monumental Expeditions. We like to say that Monumental refers to your experience, not your trip size.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a different experience on the river. You won’t find yourselves lost in the shuffle and packed like sardines into a raft with 8 other people and rushed down the river. Our small size allows us more flexibility and the ability to spend more time on the river. Our number one most common comment from last season was how much they enjoyed the small company feel and the comfort of having guides that all have over 15 years experience. Thats right, between our two main guides there is over 40 years of river experience.

All these years of experience mean you get a safer and more informative trip. Our knowledge both of the river and the surrounding areas creates an immersive experience for guests as you learn about the history and geology of the various canyons we raft. We’ll make sure this adventure is the highlight of everyones trip.

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